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The Aligné Collection: Meaning aligned in French

Inspired by the fashion house Gucci, where 80's meets the new now, Ziggy Stardust was the touch point for the collection. Colorfully mismatch, sparkles with a riot of vibrant pattern, kaleidoscope of on trend colors combine a vibe of sexy 80' hair.

Aligné is a fusion of effortless undone editorial hairdressing and key fashion trends namely Optimism and Escapism. 

Flowing from clashing patterned textures, bold and vibrant wacky spins on floral prints to contradictions of glitter and glam. Chic raw shapes with powerful texture, tousled movement amplify feminine beauty with the hair remains absolute.

Hair directors: Sharon Blain and Peter Grey.

Hair Team: 2017 Sharon Blain Photographic Workshop

Photography: Anthony Friend 


Make-up: Marla Belt and team


Styling: Sabine Fluilloley


Hair team:

Elizabeth Barajas
Christine Thompson
Lindsay Anders
Catherine Hackworth
Kerri Arvidson
Anita Shaw
Amy Hayes
Linda Schuster
Courtney Bradberry
Lyndsey Ryan
Sam Vega